Publication of the manual and support website

In August 2021 the manual for the LEVETO software has been published. This can be accessed via the user interface. Users can read function descriptions and look up possible solutions in the manual. First and foremost, it explains the operation of the program in text and image form. As usual nowadays, the manual is provided with a search function.

In parallel, the LEVETO support web page has gone online. On this page, updates to LEVETO are listed chronologically. There, the user can check at any time whether his LEVETO edition has received updates and improvements.

We are permanently working on optimizations of the LEVETO software. These usually include corrections and enhancements of existing functions. In addition, new functions appear almost monthly. We listen to our customers, because they work with LEVETO every day and know best where things go wrong. This information is collected and incorporated into future updates.

To enable a quick start with LEVETO, new customers are trained in LEVETO and they can book appointments for follow-up training at any time, if required. LEVETO customer support can be reached by phone and e-mail. Often, questions can be clarified directly on the phone or necessary settings can be made immediately.


LEVETO is a brand of LEVETO GmbH, which has been continuously developing the lead software solution for its customers since 2016 and expanding it in growing industries with complex sales structures, such as the energy sector. In doing so, the focus is fundamentally on the automation, as well as functional expansion of the 100% evaluable workflows around the lead management. LEVETO is available as a web-based solution for individual sales representatives and multi-level franchises in powerful packages, as well as for individual software customization.