Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions2023-03-16T17:40:53+01:00

General questions

Can LEVETO supply me with leads?2022-07-11T16:56:34+02:00

Although LEVETO's focus is on lead management software, we are able to connect with lead suppliers or design marketing campaigns such as native advertising, social media or SEO.

Is LEVETO also available in other languages?2022-05-29T15:18:05+02:00

Yes, LEVETO will be available in English and Italian in the near future.

Are there any additional costs for me when booking a package?2022-05-29T15:17:46+02:00

On our LEVETO packages page you will find various service packages and their scope. If you do not opt for the module options listed further down the page, the package prices listed apply.

Do I need LEVETO if I already draw leads?2022-05-29T15:17:26+02:00

LEVETO offers what you would otherwise need different programmes and phone calls for. This not only saves you a large part of your working time, but also reduces your learning effort, as you only need to familiarise yourself with one easy-to-use tool. With LEVETO you benefit from automated lead allocation, simple appointment assignments, a route planner and much more.

Is my (customer) data secure?2022-11-08T18:08:03+01:00

Of course, at LEVETO we have paid attention to 100% DSGVO compliance. Your customer data is also hosted in ISO 27001 certified data centers. Thanks to our comprehensive measures, you can focus entirely on your business.

Why should I choose LEVETO?2022-05-29T15:13:08+02:00

LEVETO is a software that is individually adapted to your needs and is continuously further developed taking into account customer feedback. That is why LEVETO is suitable for any company size and complexity.


Questions about the performance

Can I market LEVETO with my own logo branding?2022-05-29T15:21:57+02:00

No, independent resale of the right of use is not permitted. Therefore, you must confirm each LEVETO licence with your own logo branding under the purchase of the leadship package.

How long does it take to implement a lead interface?2022-05-29T15:21:22+02:00

Depending on the portal provider, the implementation of a connection from your lead suppliers can be done within a very short time.

How can I use the 14-day test run?2022-05-29T15:21:04+02:00

You will receive a short personal briefing from us on the range of functions so that you can try them out using sample data.

Which LEVETO service package suits my company?2022-07-11T16:54:36+02:00

We recommend that you make extensive use of our 14-day free trial so that you can form your own impression of the functions on offer.

Here you can find the overview of all preconfigured editions.

Is LEVETO also worthwhile if I run a small business?2022-05-29T15:20:27+02:00

As LEVETO was developed for all company sizes, our service packages offer suitable functions for every customer. It doesn't matter whether you are a sales representative or manage a complex franchise company.

Is LEVETO also optimised for mobile devices?2022-05-29T15:19:52+02:00

Yes, LEVETO is also optimised for mobile devices, so you can also retrieve your leads from your smartphone or tablet.

How do I proceed if I need/want additional options?2022-05-29T15:19:33+02:00

In this case, you can choose between two options. Either book a module option on the Packages page or contact us so that we can find individual solutions for you.

Can I switch between the LEVETO service packages?2022-05-29T15:19:15+02:00

Should your requirements for LEVETO change, you are of course always able to use your one-month notice period to opt for a different package.

Questions about the contract

Can I only conclude a contract within Germany?2022-05-29T15:22:56+02:00

No, you can conclude a LEVETO contract regardless of your place of residence.

How long are the contract terms?2022-07-11T17:03:32+02:00

The contract has a minimum term of 6 months. After that, the contract can be terminated with a notice period of 8 weeks to the end of the month.