LEVETO Redesign: New look - improved UX for our lead management tool

To offer LEVETO users an even better browsing experience, the LEVETO homepage has been redesigned and restructured. Lighter colors allow for a more comfortable reading experience and modern icons make important information about the lead management tool easily recognizable.

All information available on the site on the subject of lead management is adapted to the current state of the company and created with regard to user questions that have risen up to that point. This means that most questions about the LEVETO packages can be answered without the need for a support call.
After all, time is money!

In the near future, the LEVETO functions and the newsletter will also be optimized based on numerous user feedback. Of course, suggestions can be submitted at any time via the contact form. (Lead management)


A startup called LEVETO was founded in Munich in 2016. It has developed a web-based software that includes automated lead management features. Originally, the custom lead software solution was developed for the company itself, but then successfully adapted for companies in the energy industry with multi-level sales. Close collaboration between marketing and sales has improved efficiency, which is now applicable to companies in all industries.

The main goal of LEVETO is to enable companies of any size and complexity to easily go digital, from sales representatives to multi-level franchises. The software focuses on automating and improving evaluable lead management workflows.