As an employee in lead and customer management, making phone calls is an indispensable part of daily work. LEVETO has opted for Sipgate when it comes to telephony integration. With the flexible communication solution "sipgate team", the VOIP telephone system is integrated into the LEVETO CRM software. For larger companies that may need to qualify their contacts, the "save and forward" function in conjunction with Sipgate is a feature that can no longer be done without and has almost "dialer" performance.

LEVETO is a certified partner of Sipgate

In 2016, as a Sipgate user and customer, we decided to pursue a Sipgate partnership and integrated it into our LEVETO CRM.

Sipgate offers virtual telephone numbers, telephone systems and telephone connections. These are VOIP solutions, cloud telephony and mobile phone packages. Several hundred thousand customers use the Sipgate service every day.

LEVETO CRM Craftsman

As the leading provider of Internet telephony in Germany, sipgate is an important partner for LEVETO. The company operates from its headquarters in Düsseldorf and is also available in the United Kingdom. The company offers its users a wide range of options for switching domestic and international calls.

At sipgate, users can make calls with all SIP-compatible end devices, such as VoIP phones, softphones, and also analog or DECT phones. The company's core business is to offer telephone numbers from all German local networks and from abroad. Intra-network calls are free of charge, but connections via SIP address are not supported. Customers can also send text messages and faxes via sipgate.

In 2012, sipgate expanded its offering to include its own mobile network, which is operated via its subsidiary sipgate Wireless GmbH. The network uses Telefonica's technical infrastructure and offers customers mobile services via local and mobile numbers.

LEVETO is proud to be a partner of sipgate and to benefit from the company's innovative communication solutions. We appreciate sipgate's flexibility and reliability and can recommend its services to anyone looking for an efficient and modern telephony solution.