Tailored digitally coordinated growth

Since 2009, SENEC GmbH in Leipzig has been developing and producing intelligent electricity storage systems and storage-based energy solutions for private and commercial customers. The company has been a fully owned subsidiary of EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG since 2018. SENEC sells its products via a network of specialist partners comprising more than 600 qualified installers. The indirect sales setup on this scale and the extensive product range make structured and digital lead management necessary. For this reason, the company decided on its own SENEC Lead Management with the LEVETO Leadership package.

"We use LEVETO to manage tens of thousands of leads per year across various channels.
The connection to our network of specialist partners is thus digitally covered in line with the times."

Jaron Schächter | Management SENEC GmbH

LEVETO: The tailored SENEC lead management solution

LEVETO started implementing the custom lead software solution for SENEC back in May 2017. In order to design a smooth internal and external handling of the leads, several points around the related processes of the leads had to be adjusted. This was done in close coordination with SENEC's sales and marketing department, as well as SENEC's business partners. After an extensive test phase, LEVETO went into active operation in August 2017. LEVETO digitally maps the entire lead management - from the generated leads to the sales quota of the business partners. The solution includes comprehensive features and is continuously optimized to make it even more user-friendly.

Detailed lead data management

All incoming leads and those distributed to the specialist partner are stored and evaluated in LEVETO. With the dashboard view, the internal sales team is able to view all important key figures, actions, and results from the specialist partners. The key figures help act faster as an organization and identify weak points in sales. In this way, employees can see all the steps in lead processing, from the first contact, agreed appointments and their results, to the order result.

Calendar and resubmission function

With the integrated calendar and resubmission function, all appointment deadlines of employees or customers can be coordinated from LEVETO. Upcoming appointments are displayed with all related information via notification.

Free selection of interface connections

The freely configurable API interface connections ensure smooth lead import and export. These enable secure data transport from several different lead sources. Accordingly, these are displayed separately, broken down and evaluated for the statistics.

Contract management of the SENEC specialist partners

Through the master data management, all concluded agreements and desired criteria are digitally stored for each SENEC specialist partner. By doing so, LEVETO automatically accesses e.g. properties and mechanisms stored in the status and thus saves a multitude of intermediate steps.

Automated lead distribution by means of criteria assignment

To enable automated lead allocation to over 600 SENEC business partners, specific criteria are assigned to the business partners in LEVETO. Starting with the location and the maximum desired distance to the customer, including the desired number of leads, and even the distance/driving time to the customer calculated by the system, the almost simultaneous allocation of the newly arrived leads to the corresponding business partner is enabled. Thanks to the flexible options for configuring master data, the roadmap for coordinated and personalized lead allocation is set at the push of a button. This not only reduces the workload but also minimizes the lead rejection rate.

Appointment scheduling function with route planning

All data provided by the interested party, as well as the completed questionnaire including the distance/driving time to the customer calculated by the system, are stored in the calendar for the customer appointment and enable the partner to plan the appointment efficiently.

External lead management through own specialist partner login

Each specialist partner has their own LEVETO access through which they can process their leads assigned by SENEC. All further lead processing processes such as call notes, scheduling, offer submission, and the result are entered. This provides both the specialist partner and SENEC GmbH with an overview of the processing status and sales success.

A wide range of evaluational and statistical options at the push of a button

In order to record successes and the factors associated with them, SENEC uses a comprehensive statistical module by which the specialist partner appointments and the respective area sales can be evaluated in detail.


LEVETO is a Munich-based start-up founded in 2016. The company has developed a web-based software based on automated lead management. Originally developed for the company's own lead projects, the software has been successfully adapted for companies in the energy industry with multi-level sales. Close collaboration between marketing and sales has improved efficiency, which is now applicable to companies in all industries.

LEVETO has made it its mission to support companies of all sizes and complexities in their digital transformation journey. The software automates and improves all evaluable workflows in lead management to achieve greater efficiency and productivity. The solution is particularly targeted at sales representatives and multi-level franchises that want to benefit from the advantages of digitalization. LEVETO offers user-friendly and accessible software to facilitate entry into digitization.