Benefit from our new partner network:

In this day and age, many customers are no longer able to make great wishes a reality without resorting to a financing option. LEVETO Cash was developed to attract this customer base as well.

The right financing for every project:

In order to meet the needs of all end customers, LEVETO's partner network includes well-known banks. This means that LEVETO Cash users do not bear any financial risks when implementing their customer projects. All financing offers are provided to customers within minutes, eliminating long waiting times and avoiding potential last-minute cancellations.

Low effort for best results:

By using EUROPACE APIs, the transfer of the necessary customer data is not only simple but also secure from third-party access. This security ensures a high level of trust from the customers and thus a high probability that they will recommend our LEVETO users to others.


LEVETO is a Munich-based start-up founded in 2016. The company has developed a web-based software based on automated lead management. Originally developed for the company's own lead projects, the software has been successfully adapted for companies in the energy industry with multi-level sales. Close collaboration between marketing and sales has improved efficiency, which is now applicable to companies in all industries.

LEVETO has made it its mission to support companies of all sizes and complexities in their digital transformation journey. The software automates and improves all evaluable workflows in lead management to achieve greater efficiency and productivity. The solution is particularly targeted at sales representatives and multi-level franchises that want to benefit from the advantages of digitalization. LEVETO offers user-friendly and accessible software to facilitate entry into digitization.